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Viggo Boesen Viggo Boesen Viggo Boesen

Rattan Fox Chair - Viggo Boesen

Rattan Fox Chair designed by Viggo Boesen manufactured by Ridzon Koningsplein Amsterdam, 1950s.

Designer and architect Viggo Boesen is known as one of the pioneers of Scandinavian functionalism in the 1930s. Viggo Boesen’s Fox lounge chair was designed in 1936. From his workshop he designed a number of pieces of rattan and upholstery furniture. These were constructed according to his philosophy that furniture should have an organic flow and embrace the body smoothly and tenderly. He believed the design should be a delight to the eye but also be solid and durable. Viggo Boesen’s Fox chair collected its first design award in 1936 and has since been coveted by interior design lovers across the globe.

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